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See also: [[GW:ADMIN|Administrators]] • [[GW:POLICY|Policy]] • [[GuildWiki:Domain|Domain info]] • [[GuildWiki:Logo|Logo info]] • [[GuildWiki:Database dumps|Database dumps]]
See also: [[GW:AI|Administrators]] • [[GW:POLICY|Policy]] • [[GuildWiki:Domain|Domain info]] • [[GuildWiki:Logo|Logo info]] • [[GuildWiki:Database dumps|Database dumps]]
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<noinclude>[[Category:Protected pages]][[Category:GuildWiki]]</noinclude>

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GuildWiki was started in May, 2005, as a resource for the just then launched NCSoft game, Guild Wars. Started by the Corpse Corps guild as a repository for information they themselves might need in the future, it has since grown exponentially thanks to the contributions of some very cool people.

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See also: AdministratorsPolicyDomain infoLogo infoDatabase dumps