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Information about the status, behavior, and how to contact GuildWars Wikia's administrators can be found here. For information about the role of administrators, see GuildWars Wiki:Administrators.

Current Administrators[]

These GuildWars Wikia sysops work hard to make sure the wiki is as readable and usable as possible. A system-generated list can be found on Special:Listadmins. If you are made an administrator, please update this list however you see fit.

The Bureaucrats[]



Active wiki administrators[]

* indicates a bureaucrat

Ariyen* and Randomtime* are on the wiki daily to fight vandalism, block users, delete pages, and respond to general user requests. More may be active or semi-active and they can add themselves, if they want to..

Semi-active wiki administrators[]

* indicates a bureaucrat

No officers are sometimes active, and sometimes inactive, depending on time restrictions and other things.

Wikia staff[]

Wikia staff may be contacted for administrative matters if no GuildWars@Wikia administrators can be located for several days. A system-generated list of Wikia staff can be found here. The page Special:Contact should be used to contact a staff member.

Note: If you were a former staff and would like your credentials, contact the Bureaucrats.