This page is an official policy on GuildWars Wikia.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow. Please use the talk page to propose changes.


The administrators of the GuildWiki are a somewhat different union than most other websites out there use. This page exists to show administrative policy and the goals of administrators.

Administrative Policy

GuildWiki admins are recommended by the community. Promotion to administrator is done solely at the discretion of the administrators listed below. Once promoted, an administrator is fully autonomous: he may do as his powers allow, as he sees fit. This seems dangerous, and indeed some users have disagreed with this policy in general. However, this policy has worked very well throughout the history of the GuildWiki: it allows incredibly quick resolution of the vast majority of issues. Further, because the administrator's character is well-known before his promotion, abuses of administrator power simply do not happen.

Administrators are appointed for life. No amount of inactivity can result in an administrator losing his position. Again, this is because only extremely trusted users are granted adminstrator status. Administrators may step down at will, or may control their continued appointment in other ways. Administrators in the midst of conflict have, in the past, offered to resign if the community voted it was prudent. The administrators listed below may remove any administrator for any reason, though this has only occurred once in our history.

Administrators can ban users at will. This is usually done in cases of vandalism, and permanent bans are usually reserved for spambots. However, if an administrator feels it prudent, he may remove a user from the wiki for any reason, or no reason at all. As a matter of courtesy, most administrators will not ban a user he is directly involved with; instead, he will ask another administrator to examine the situation from a neutral perspective.

Administrators can protect or delete pages at will. However, administrators are strongly encouraged to do so only via the community-sanctioned channels, or in cases of obvious vandalism.

Administrators can counteract other administrators, if they feel it prudent. An erroneous ban can be lifted. An erroneous delete can be restored. Typically, only a message on the talk page explaining the reason why such a countermeasure is prudent is expected in such a case. The "reverted" administrator is expected to oblige the revert, and should not reinstitute their action without discussing it with the "reverting" administrator.

Again, though this may seem a fairly chaotic governing system, it works extremely well in context of the wiki. An appointment to administrator is not something done lightly. The administrators are a cohesive team, and the mutual respect they share for another, even when disagreeing, is second to only the respect and care they have for the GuildWiki itself.

Current Administrators

These GuildWiki sysops work hard to make sure the wiki is as readable and usable as possible. A system-generated list can be found on Special:Listadmins. If you are made an administrator, please update this list however you see fit.

Server Administrators

Gravewit founded the site and provided the initial funding and server. He currently works mostly on the backend, but occasionally drops in to comment on policy or style issues.

Fyren works to keep the wiki running smoothly.

Wiki Administrators

84.175, Auron of Neon, Barek, Gares Redstorm, Gem, Gordon Ecker, Karlos, PanSola, Rainith, Xasxas256‎, and Xeon are on the wiki daily to fight vandalism, block users, delete pages, and respond to general user requests.

Tanaric and LordBiro do the above jobs as well, but are additionally in charge of appointing and removing administrators and granting bot status requests.

Inactive Administrators

Adam.skinner, MartinLightbringer(CS), and William Blackstaff are mostly inactive. While they still occasionally pop into the GuildWiki, they probably should not be contacted for wiki concerns.

Nunix worked mostly on the backend, but has primarily retired from wiki-duties; he still watches his talk page, though, and is a good way to get ahold of (i.e. physically pummel) Gravewit, if needed.

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