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I what to make a suggestion of a new pvp map, at the Great Temple of Balthazar. I have played a while both pve and pvp and am getting a little bit bored of ab,fa,ra,ta,etc... Something i'd be interested in, would be an open area battlefield fight where the White Mantle and the Lion Guard would fight, sort of like (star wars battlefront). So you would have around 30 to 35 npcs lvl 15 attacking your side of the map and they would respawn over a period of time. Their would be a group of 8 or 12 actual players who would also fight the npcs and other players, and their would be "heroes" like Sergio and the Unseen Ones who would come in periodicly to assist with the fight. Also , where instead of capturing shrines or bases you would have to kill Saul D Allesio and Sergio who are heavly guarded by strong groups of rangers and warrior. You would be randomly be in maps of kryta, and you have two sides one is the outpost White Mantle and the other Lionguard like(Kurzick/ Luxon/ FA) when you enter the mission you have to choose which profession you what to play and then wait for a group.

JUST A SUGGESTION/ not even sure if this is what you use the page for! but.

Well im not sure if this is just me but i'v always liked a lot of people on a map where you have a sort of army, so its like an actual war. Also theirs not much informatin on the White Mantle or Lionguard in the game and if you could put a little history of them in the battle I would like it.

I wouldn't know if this is a bad idea and aren't sure how many things could go wrong with it but yeah.


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