Character customizations of skin color, hair color, hair style and face are features of the game that are almost completely undocumented here. While it would be silly to show every combination of hair, face and skin we can still show the basic choices for each. Additionally, if a person doesn't have a campaign, they would have no way of knowing what options are available for that campaign.

While some may argue that you can simply load up the character creation screen and view for yourselves, that arguement can be made for much of the information we have. Ease of accessing the information in game is not a reason to not have information. Players who don't own a campaign, are away from a computer with guild wars installed, or don't have free slots would all find this useful.

Pros and Cons


  1. New and useful information on part of the game previously not documented.
  2. Provide info otherwise unavailable to players who don't own a campaign.
  3. May allow players to reference features when making a new character and describing it.
  4. Players who don't have a free character slot can still see what face/hair combos are available


  1. There are alot of combinations and options for each profession, gender and campaign.
  2. We would have to standardize what skin color to show the faces, what face to show the hair and what hair to show the color.
  3. For hair and skin color we might need to show more than one option (red and green hair for a hair style for example) like we do for armor so we can see colorable areas.

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