GuildWars Wiki:Suggestions/Guild Builds

Guildwiki could collect information on current guilds and the builds they run. This makes an interesting resource for other guilds about to do battle with those, and for guilds who wish to improve their gameplay.

What we need


It requires a team of editors dedicated to watching observer mode and taking down matches, guilds, teams, characters, builds and roles.


It requires a wiki database design that accomodates all of the above, plus possibly players, if they can be associated with characters. The database needs to know when data was added (i.e. when a certain build was used), and we need to update our skill database to have correct "historic" information on skills (i.e. what effect did they have at the time).

Interface + Navigation

It requires a user interface that allows searching by most of these properties, including possibly a search by gbuild.


  • This will mean the return of a build section of some sort.
  • The database could later extend to PvE guilds and PvE builds.


  • After the build wipe, there is no place for this to go.
  • It is too difficult to keep track of the ever changing meta and guilds.
  • PvX