Idea is pretty simple really, a template similar to the delete template and the one for no license info, for tagging images with generic names that should be re-uploaded. Wont list the image in the delete category till the template is replaced by {{delete}} (could bea subcategory maybe?)

  • Pros
    • Placing this instead of the delete tag gives the user a small amount of time to take care of it while not being listed directly in Category:Candidates for deletion

  • Cons
    • may have to change some policies/guide articles to incorporate it. Extra work.


  • Should be Template:Reupload, because rename also applies to pages (I am thinking of where users make pages in mainspace that they should have created in userspace).
  • Use Template:Unattributed image as a, hmm, template when writing that
  • Make a template that can be posted to a user's talkpage for notification.
  • Add a note to the appropriate section on GuildWars Wikia:Image use policy (there already is a section on generic file names). No formal policy change process ought to be necessary for this.
  • While you're at it, mention Template:Unattributed image on that policy as well. ;-)
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