Status Quo

The current navigation built into GuildWiki sucks. It is a telling sign when your website's most efficient navigation tool is the search box. The user has no sense of location (What section am I in?), and it is unclear how to find unfamiliar information, especially for new users. This does not only concern article space including images and templates, but also the guildwiki and help namespaces.


The ad-hoc development methodology of the wiki has so far failed to evolve an all-encompassing navigation design; possibly this is because the users that could design such a navigation system have no need for it any more. This means that likely a conscious effort is necessary to produce such a design.


We probably need more pages with lists and overviews that users can take as starting points for searches to augment any interface redesign.

See also


  • Articles are sorted into extensive categories.
  • The Main Page has links to all of the important starting points, such as professions, and game mechanics.
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