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One of the great features of Guild Wars is its Guilds. In the past, GuildWiki has not allowed for Guild information to exist in our mainspace for several reasons:

  • Potential for abuse by rivals/vandals
  • Guilds are largely mutable and guilds may not be around for long enough to be noteworthy
  • Many guild pages would provide little information about the guild that would be useful to a person who isn't a member or looking for a guild. Even then, how much information do other people care about.
  • A guild namespace would be difficult to regulate and maintain
  • Information about guilds can often not be confirmed

However, "notable" guilds would be information on guilds that allow them to rise above the cons listed above. Information on such guilds would allow the pages to list information that could be provided by non-guild members. Information would interesting to non-members. There aren't many guilds who would qualify as noteworthy and this would prevent such a collection of information from becoming unwieldy.

What is a "notable" guild?

A notable guild would be one that has a lasting impact on the game. Either by setting a standard or defining a meta. Large and well-known guilds whose names are familiar to many players. Information about them would interesting and worthy of note to non-members and even people who aren't looking for a guild.

Notable guilds may be top tier guilds such as [rawr] or others with gold and possibly even silver trims, historic guilds such as [ZoS], famously massive guilds such as [Lazy], etc.

Wikipedia's guidelines for notability ([1]) may be useful in guiding us on what guilds we should include and not include.

Pros and Cons


  1. Provide new information on an aspect of the game previously not documented on GuildWiki
  2. Draw traffic from people who would maintain such articles and discuss whether or not such-and-such a guild is worthy of note
  3. Links from confirmed trivia about members of famous guilds


  1. Arguments and fights over what constitutes notability; similar to fate of build namespace
  2. Much information would be subjective and/or difficult to confirm
  3. Newbies creating articles for guilds that clearly don't qualify
  4. Overlap in information from GWW
  5. Already being documented at Guild Wars Guilds



  • The proposal has stalled because we couldn't agree on what notable means.