Whip weilding ranger fact or myth?Can it be added?

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Some guildies and i have been talking about a recent screen shot that was found while one of our guild members where running around on google looking at alpha and beta pics of guildwars.The guild member (X Agrippa X) found the screen and brought it to our attention,which caused major upset inside of our guild alone. In this screen shot you can see that the ranger (Name unknown) is dual weilding whips! You can imagine the surprise and upset it caused our ranger primary players. We are not for sure if this screen infact is real or fake, but upon veiw of the screen and takeing into account details (shadeing,terrian,impact images) we honestly do beleive it to be an actual screen shot of a dual weilding whip ranger. If infact these screens are real, why where the changes made to the class before the release of guild wars? Since this is a suggestion thread, we would like to suggest bringing the whip ranger back to the game.(Or add it if it never was added.)


- It would place the ranger back into the middle line of combat where the class was originally set to be. Most rangers currently can sit back with common back line class ie monks and eles fireing upon foes with long or flat bows.

- It would give a reason for rangers to use there pet and other beast master skills. I myself only use on average five beast master skills ON occasion. Those skills used,which are common i am sure amoung other rangers are EoE (Edge of Extinction), Rao (Rampage as One-For HA and Thumping in AB), Disrupting Luge (For AB), Energizing Wind (For trapping) and Companionship(For cross healing.) Skills such as Charm Animal and Comfort Animal are given as those skills are required to use your pet.

- IF this screen is actually real and the skills where at one time real it could mean the ranger class could be set up to run a completly different way, and new team stratagies could be implemented for challenges and areas in the game that have started to die off.

- Again, if these are real the codeing for whips and the skills for the weapon are already present.Which means that it will be easy to reinstate them into the game

- The ranger would have a new home in GvG and HA instead of ranger spikes and Thump teams.(If you pull up a GvG or HA match you will hardly find a ranger that is not running these builds all the time.)Rangers in GvG mainly run Crip Shot builds, and these are ineffective due to monks packing many condition removal skills.


- Bosses would have to be changed to allow for Green whip drops,given new elites that would have to be captured,and new animations for them when they use their whip attacks.

- Legendary Skill hunters would have to go back and aquire the whip elites from the new bosses added which could cause some sort of problem later on.

- Tweaking for the weapons would be required due to the fact that as the screen shows current whip damage almost matchs that of a max axe.

- Rangers would have to pay attention to where they are positioned on the field because as the skills read the closer the player is to his/her foe the less damage they would deal.

- The Assassin would no longer be the only dual weilding class in the game.(Which could cause some upset as many people feel the Sin is the only true dual weilding class.)

Disscusion in our guild alone is at an all time high due to the finding of these screens. Many of us have said that those who don't use their ranger often would knock the dust off that class and bring it out to actually play it in PvE and PvP aspects. This alone would also breath life back into guild wars itself (Till GW2 came out) and would probably bring inactive players back to the game to try something new.(For discussion ingame pm me on Sealana Travinia)

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