• Let's index Youtube!
    Sometimes users try to add links to Youtube videos. Why not embrace them? There are tons of guildwars videos on Youtube (and elsewhere), but it is hard to find them, especially if you are looking for something. We can use our article base as an indexing help if we allow collecting links to Youtube videos on the article pages.
  • "Videos" section on our articles
    The idea is that if I want to find a video on how to beat Tahnnakai Temple, I go to Tahnnakai Temple and check out the "Videos" section, where I'd hopefully find links to videos with short summaries of what they offer.
  • Infobox for videos
    We could possibly enhance this with info-box style information about "date added", "author", "duration". Maybe the Monaco skin rating system could be adapted, or there could be a poll in a navbox to rate the video.
  • Video subpage
    If we feel that video links shouldn't be in the article itself, it could have a /video subpage (such as [Tahnnakai Temple/video] that would be mentioned in the "see also" section of the main article. The videos on the subpage could then be embedded.
  • Let's index screenshots as well!
    We have loads of screenshots, mainly on user pages. They may have useful info, but are impossible to find if you need them. We could index them the same way as the videos, with a "Screenshot" section or a "screenshot" subpage, the latter with a gallery. We'd also include links to external sources such as flickr and what have you.
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