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#[[/Youtube and Screenshot links]]
#[[/Youtube and Screenshot links]]
#[[/Weapon Linked-Attribute Categories]]
#[[/Weapon Linked-Attribute Categories]]
#[[/skin of all objects]]
==To add your own==
==To add your own==

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We at GuildWiki always strive to provide a complete and accurate source of information on Guild Wars. Currently, we are interested in providing features that we lacked in the past to continue providing our service and to encourage new users to contribute.

Because GuildWiki is maintained by the community, we would like to ask you what you want to see on GuildWiki.

Please post your suggestions and/or contribute to discussions on current suggestions and give us your input! And remember, any suggestion we decide to go through with will need the contributions of our community to help it prosper.

Note that past precedent and policies we have on GuildWiki are not a reason to propose or shoot down any suggestion. We are open to any and all suggestions.

Current suggestions

Please consult the discussion pages for the individual suggestions to find out about their current status.

  1. /Armour Combo Galleries - make gallery of player chracters?
  2. /Bonus Weekend tips
  3. /Buff quick access links
  4. /Face and hair galleries
  5. /Galleries
  6. /Guild Builds - controversial, no volunteers so far
  7. /I18n template
  8. /Image Rename Template
  9. /In-line crafting material icons
  10. /List Number of Skills
  11. /Main Page
  12. /Mouseover on skill icons
  13. /Navigation - could be worse, but there's room for improvement
  14. /Pricing guide - controversial
  15. /PvP mode
  16. /Search Engine - see also /Navigation
  17. /skill discussion archiving or sectioning off
  18. /skills history
  19. /Skin JavaScript
  20. /Trade namespace
  21. /videos
  22. /Youtube and Screenshot links
  23. /Weapon Linked-Attribute Categories
  24. /skin of all objects

To add your own

To add your own suggestion, create a subpage of this page (add a slash and then put in the name of your suggestion in the address bar after and include as much information as you can think of to help us evaluate your suggestion. Try to include pros and cons to your suggestion. Then, add a link to your suggestion to the above section.

Old suggestions

  1. /advertisements - not in our power to remove intrusive ads
  2. /Advertisments - make an account and log in to remove many ads
  3. /Anet, White Mantle PvP Battle pls - we are not ArenaNet
  4. /animated skins category - has been created
  5. /better mission maps - most maps are ok, please point out deficient maps on the mission talk page
  6. /Guildwiki toolbar - you can add GuildWiki search to your toolbar now
  7. /Henchmen skills - we have them
  8. Talk:Main_Page/Latest_update - abandoned
  9. /Letters to Anet - use Talk:Game updates or gww:ArenaNet:Portal
  10. /Login and skins - Please report problems with the wiki on the Wikia staff noticeboard.
  11. /Notable guilds - no working definition for "notable" found
  12. /One stop armor shop - suggests game features, not a wiki feature
  13. /R14 fame watch - the race to R15 is over.
  14. /Sacred - use the Suggest a wiki link at the top of the page to suggest a new wiki to Wikia
  15. /Search Bar - workarounds for this feature of Wikia's Monaco skin
  16. /Tonic Template - has been created
  17. /Whip wielding Ranger - suggests a game feature, not a wiki feature

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