The Wikia staff noticeboard is intended as a way to alert Wikia staff of issues which need their attention. This place should not be confused with the Admin noticeboard.

Issues that Wikia staff cover Issues that GuildWiki's Administrators or Bureaucrats cover
  • Technical issues (server problems, MediaWiki extensions, etc)
  • Inappropriate advertisements (gold ads, flashing animation, automatic playing music etc.)
    • Note: If you are reporting a bad ad, please include the full URL that the ad links to by right-clicking on the ad link, clicking "Copy Link Location" or "Copy Shortcut", then pasting that link in to your message. Be sure to follow the instructions to report bad ads at GuildWars Wikia:Wikia staff noticeboard/advertisements.
  • Demotion of Bureaucrats
  • Admin/Bureaucrat issues when none of them are active for an extended period of time (measured in days, not minutes).
  • Policy violations (including vandalism, revert wars, etc)
  • Protect/Unprotect requests
  • Promotion of Admins and Bureaucrats
  • General wiki interface
  • If you have a problem with the wiki's content, use a relevant talk page. Content problems added here will be removed.
  • If you are having issues with the game, use a relevant talk page or use ArenaNet's Guild Wars support site. See how to report for instructions on reporting game bugs. Guild Wars problems added here will be removed.

To create a new request, add a new subheading (you can do it by clicking the "leave message" tab near the top of the page), providing a neutral, concise, and signed summary of the issue. It is suggested that any other users involved in an issue should be informed of its discussion here.

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