The wiki hopes to have an in-game "Secret Santa", with in game presents. This will be hosted by Shadowcrest, probably on December 20th, with the info being sent out the 13th.

How it works

Everyone who signs up below should come up with a gift that they think is worth giving, but that they won't regret giving away later on. (In other words, nothing worth ectos.) A list of who you're giving a gift to will be sent out on the 13th of December. So that Shadowcrest's storage isn't occupied until April, all gifts need to be given to him by the 20th of December, so that only people who give a gift on time receive a gift. Then, starting on the 21th, gifts will be distributed to their recipients whenever you can find Shadowcrest (ign: Heath Shadowcrest) online.

Price limit

  • In order to keep the gifts of a relatively equal value, we are installing a price ceiling. The current idea is 50kish. If you would like to discuss this, go to the talk page.


As of 15:18, 13 December 2008 (UTC), signups are closed.

Username In-game name Preferred Profession/Gifts
1. User:Shadowcrest Priestess Of Dwayna Monk, Mesmer
2. User:Felix Omni Felix Omni Any
3. User:Gigathrash Damen Zrustky Everything sans Dervish
4. User:RavynousHunter Captain Pimpskin Most anything (thank god for PvP slots)
5. User:Arnout aka The Emperors Angel The Emperors Angel Don't really care. I'm satisfied with anything.
7. PossessedLinebeck Possessed Linebeck Assassin or Warrior
8. User:Misfate Mr Misfate Anything, or elementalist.
9. User:Ereanor Peiperion Ereanor Ranger.
10. User:Warwick Warwick Leah Warrior or Monk or Ele or.. anything >.>
11. ◄mendel► you'll know unspecific
12. Cress Arvein Cress Arvein Monk, Elementalist, Ranger or Paragon
13. Marcopolo47 Gradion The Pyro Doesn't matter. Anything really.
14. Guildwars Kid Abbadons Messsenger Dervish, Elementalist, Assassin, Monk, Ranger, or Random. ^_^
15. Silver Sunlight Silver Sunlight Mesmer and Monk
16. Igla Fire Igla Elementalist
17. Bob the Hick Ara Born Warrior
18. User:Wiccan3 Saphyre The Wiccan Dervish, Warrior, I would love party items or sweets!
19. Neoezekiel The Neoezekiel Any, But preferably Mo or Ra
20. Breezereezer Marcus Dumii Preferably monk/necro/warrior
21. Kyroth Vyzaltar Kyroth Vyzaltar Ritualist or Dervish. Monk or Ele would be fine as well.
22. User:Nerdskillz Don F Any really. Bows or swords Preferred
23. User:Nick_A87 Dr Imperial Dervish - My other chars already have too much
24. User:Yo to3 Exilon Second Mesmer or Dervish
25. User:Wizardboy777 Will Heal For Pie Monk
26. User:Fire Tock Fire Tock Consumables. Preferably Essences or Summoning Stones.
27. Tenetke House of Ingram ancient or primevil armor remnants, cloths of
28. Gene195 Free Willy Returns Necromancer. A blood magic staff would be nice.
29. JonTheMon Bravely Ran Away Purty caster sword/axe
30. Virgil Nevermore Virgil Ravenscar, Silver Nevermore anything really, am an ele, cool caster sword, summoning stones, consumables?
31. Dean Harper Dean Harper Mesmer
32. User:Shadowphoenix Shadoew Phoenix Necromancer, Monk, Ele, and Ritualist.
33. Arcdash Ame Uzume (Maybe) Hammers (For thumping), regular tomes
34. TheHunger Ups Ups The Imbagon Para
35. User:Albel Nox Albel Nox Project Warrior
36. User:Wanmoke Wanmoke Irabayashi Ranger
37. User:Urza tron Hackin An Slashin Depends on my mood, I'd love to get a lame (like r13 or w/e) gold insc cool looking shield
38. User:Mister hibachi Senior Hibachi Most Anything will do. Cool looking stuff is nice.
39. User:KinneyDrae Kinney Drae Mesmer stuffs (Fast Casting weps preferred). And a mini Water Djinn. For srs.
40. User:Phoenixthedark Toughness And Power anything worthwhile to a warrior would be appreciated
41. Mizas Mizas Maday Monk, Ele, Para, Ranger or generic would be best, though I'm not terribly picky.
42. Shark Shark Ranger Guy Anything is fine. Its the thought that counts.
43. User:RothusTheGreat Rothus The Great Anything at all would be nice.
44. User:Yogi Master The Yogi Masta Tonics (especially beetle juice tonics)
45. User:SirAubrey Aubrey Stormbreaker Warrior - booze or lockpicks would be fantastic, but I'm not picky.
46. User:jb7dragon E L I T E Mesmer Mesmer or monk
47. Qing Guang Gui Qiang Anything, really - even a cute quest item would be neat. I run mostly casters. Oh, and candy is awesome.
48. User:Fazman114 Faz Man hero armor or any destroyer weapon, this is gonna be fun
49. User:Wildstab Wild Will Tbagya I'm working on obsidian so any mats for that(Shards or Elonian Leather - DONT GIVE ME ECTO! I have enough.)
50. User:Deanos420 Blunt Daddy Anything, I love rare mini-pets
51. User:Ferdoc Voice Of Lyssa Elemental Mods for anything (hey its the only thing I actually -want- that i dun have)
52. User:adragon202 The True Boy Scout I would love to get some green staffs or even better, a green non-vampiric scythe with unique skin.
53. User:Flowenol Ebil Elemental Something generic if possible, if not something for dervish/necromancer/elementalist
54. User:GWjade87 Jaden Shadow Blade Assassin gear preferred, material or items for GWEN armor collectors also nice, (added: if possible Oni summoning stone, I love ONI )
55. User:TheLastOfTwo The Last Of Two A sword with lifesteal or full Elite Paladin Armor would be nice :)
56. User:Kael Drake Ashir Lightwielder A nice gold Channeling Stave/Offhand, A cool skinned Spear, A Blindfold or required collector items.
57. User:TanyaMae Wanblee Galeshka Any max dmg ele staff would be great
58. User:Arturo Gentelesigh Arturo Gentlesigh Monk, i would looooove party items!!!
59. User:Dolche93 misses sword anything for a warrior is perfect
60. User:DeathByAnArrow Death By An Arrow Minipets are cool (check my page to see my list of what i have), but other then that surprise me :)
61. User:Cbul7210 Assinkicker Cbumski Cool Skinned Max Dmg r9 daggers that is modifiable :)
62. User:sinboy mc coy necromon lifedrain anything rare would be nice
63. User:MAMONTDUDE Dervish Friend Can i please have a Golden Sundering Scythe of Enchanting with "Strength and Honor" Inscription that looks good plz... i'm usually online... ))) thanks a lot and all have fun
64. User:brugsezot Spartan Mercenary a nice skinned bow or hammer (max dmg gold up to req12 :D)
65. User:Umbagent Alice of Umbrella Koss minipet or dragon minipet.
66. User:Thegreateadie White Desert Ninja Nice rare crafting materials would be cool, or some Golden Rin Relics :)
67. User:stephthederv Stephan The Dervish I would appreciate anythign but i run Derv, Sin, Ele, and Necro
68. User:Sandaljack The Enchanter Zur Anything, surprise me? I'd even be okay with 50k of ecto ;)
69. User:Taegubus Zeddicus Zoolander A good bow for an up-and-coming survivalist ranger :)
70. User:Vonturn Runesworth Vonturn Runesworth Any good/great rare skinned weapons for any classes except for Paragons or Mesmers
71. Kycoo7 Kycoo Grim Any thing for any profession is coll with me.
72. User:Ritualistdrifter Kieran Dagotta Preferably anything for a ritualist or necromancer. But pretty much anything is fine. Thanks so much!
73. User:TheNoonan Noonan The Deity Elite Tomes for Monk, Elementalist, Dervish, Paragon, Assassin, or Necromancer; Money; Minipets; almost anything!
74. User:Rodrigo_Beowulf Rodrigo Beowulf Well, I Think An Icy Dragon Sword would be a classic, old school Wintersday Gift.
75. User:Feel the frost Feel the Frost I really want some Necromancer weapons.
76. User:Burnic Burnic Scar Returns Money's always good but i like monks weps as well now
77. User:Remyryan54 Aaliyah Stormwind Monk Staffs for my Hero's and a Fire Staff for my Ele's, otherwise ranger weapons would be nice :)
78. User:Mannequin secks Mannequin Secks I wouldnt mind a fushia staff :) or sweets for my max sweet tooth!!! <33
79. User:Yanchev Nightmare Of Anubis If it's possible I would like zodiac daggers or lots of sweets for my sweeth tooth title.
80. User:Arctic Clover Arctic Clover A Mesmer Inspiration/Fast Casting Destroyer Staff would make me scream! If not that, I'd absolutely love a Inspiration/Fast Casting Deldrimor Staff or Inspiration/Fast Casting Forgotten Staff :)
81. User:Kagekaze Kagekaze Sonotori either a perfect 20% ench staff wrap or a nice lil Mhedi's Vow... cuz i can't farm greens worth crap XD
82. User:spartan114 Spartan of Melandru Anything Charr related.
83. User:Humble_Servitor Humble Servitor anything from material stacks to random dyes... if profesion specific, monk is the way :) ty... where do i signup to give stuff? coz i think i can make a person rly happy... (got loads of kewl stuff on my storage :))
84. User:Kisai Awesome Assassin Of Sin Please.. Nothing Vamp, Zealous is a-okay.
85. Zero 0 Aqua Lord suberb char carvings, summoning stones, +30 hp staff mod,
86. User:MiniKold Susi De Ambro Any ele stuff. :P I would really like an +20% enchant elemental sword, req whatever, but that's probably too much. Preferably fire magic or earth magic stuff. :P EDIT: Gold.png/Platinum.png would be really appreciated so I can buy the stuff I need to finish my Sabway.
87. User:White Wolfz Warrior White Wolfz Warrior Totem Axe or anything with same stats, a chaos axe with 20% enchanting mod would be nice, elite tomes/regular tomes of all kind welcomed, Cash is also good, or 5 black dyes.
88. User:RTC Renor Taur Cryso Anything ranger =D
89. User:Yamma son Yamma Son anything for a warrior but look for a good sword or shield r9 perfed
90. User:Chrisor00 Jav Ee Swords or shields for monks or warriors. for warriors good stuff^^. For monks casters weapons. Anything ectos etc.
91. User:Bk0993 Elaena Sedai Blindfold please?(the items for the collector) i also <3 zkeys :o or a nice cash gift if you are stumped? thanks :D
92. Embracedeath Haroria Darkblade Nothing specific, really. A cash reward, something good. Oh, maybe an Demonic Aegis (str). Or maybe zaishen keys or things to aid me in maxing titles. (Going for Rainbow Phoenix)
93. User:Nylana Greymoon Nylana Greymoon Ranger/Elementalist/Monk/Dervish or lots of glittering dust (I keep running out)
94. User: Mansikki Mansikki goes monq Something nice for monks, diessas or rolls of parchament.
95. User: Torttu Torttu Ele Some good weapons for Elementalist.
96. User: gooseman0824 Sir Dragonia A really nice sword or axe would be nice
97. User:darklinkq Darklink Q Anything really
98. User:The Falling One The Falling One A soulreaping Staff (Fendi's Staff or Zoldark's Staff would be nice xD) or Mischievous Tonic's(Edit) or Mischievous Summoning Stone's GRENTH FOR LIFE! (and death :P)
99. User:Hellz Mailman Hellz Mailman I play a Derv mostly, though i have a bajillion scythes lol. Party points are cool, pretty much anything I can use. Tonics work too :) (like the new ones?)
100. User:Warwulf Ashley Of Tyria Candy Canes, Cons, anything really... would be happy with a stack of regular charr carvings.

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