InterWiki links are links pointing to external websites, using an "internal link" syntax. GuildWiki currently shares the same InterWiki map used by Wikia. Requests to add new mappings to other wikis can be made here.

InterWiki syntax

Linking to GuildWiki from other wikis
  • If the other wiki is a Wikia wiki, [[guildwiki:ARTICLENAME]] usually works.
    • If the above does not work, [[w:c:guildwars:ARTICLENAME]] will work.
  • From most MediaWiki wikis not hosted by Wikia, either [[wikia:guildwars:ARTICLENAME]] or [[wikia:c:guildwars:ARTICLENAME]] should work.
Guild Wars related
  • PvXWiki - [[w:c:pvx:ARTICLENAME]]
  • GWW - [[gww:ARTICLENAME]]
  • GW2W - [[gw2w:ARTICLENAME]]
  • GW2 - [[w:c:guildwars2:ARTICLENAME]]
Common Wikimedia and Mediawiki sites
  • WikiIndex - [[wikiindex:ARTICLENAME]] (note: two I's in a row)
  • Central Wikia - [[w:ARTICLENAME]]
  • Any wiki that is a subdomain under Wikia - [[w:c:SUBDOMAIN:ARTICLENAME]]
  • Uncyclopedia - [[uncyclopedia:ARTICLENAME]]

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