Changing policies

It is perfectly acceptable to disagree with a policy. There are two steps necessary to change a policy:

  1. Add a new subarticle to the policy in question fully rewriting all sections of the policy you'd like to see change.
  2. Add a message to the talk page of the policy article advertising the change, and why that change is good for the GuildWiki.
  3. Add an entry to the top of the list in the section below linking to the policy in question as well as a brief summary of the suggested change. Please sign and date the entry!

It is very likely that your proposal will need to be edited during the proposal period. It is also likely that other GuildWikians might produce counter-proposals (each with their own subarticle). All discussions about editing individual proposals should stay within each individual subarticle's talk page. The main article's talk page should contain only a summary of each proposal (1-2 lines) and links to each proposal.

If consensus to change the policy is reached in the talk page, edit the policy in question. If consensus is not reached, no change can be made. While a vote can be called to assess community feelings about a change, no vote can ever be considered binding nor, unless unanimous, indication of consensus.

In any case, once the proposal is concluded, move it from the list of policies being revisited to the top of the recently revisited list, along with the date and outcome (success or failure). Failed policy changes on the recently revisited list should not be reproposed for some time.

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