What is protection?

By default, anyone can move or edit any page on this wiki. However, Administrators can protect individual pages against moving or editing, allowing only

  • editors who are logged in and have been editing for a while (autoconfirmed) or editors who have confirmed an email address (semi-protection) or
  • other administrators (full protection)

to edit or move the page. Protection can be extended indefinitely (until it is lifted), or for a limited time.

Pages that don't exits can be protected, this prevents the page from being created.

By default, all pages in MediaWiki: namespace can only be edited by administrators.

When is protection used?

  1. Repeated vandalism and spam. Pages that are targets for these are temporarily protected until the bout of vandalism subsides.
  2. Highly transcluded templates. A change in these would lead to a large number of other pages updating with the change, as would reverting the change; since the wiki is somewhat slow in performing these updates, an ill-considered chnage could leave a large number of pages in an undesirable state.
  3. Some non-descriptive filenames are protected to prevent users uploading files with these names.

Which pages are protected right now?

For a list of currently protected pages and titles, see Special:ProtectedPages and Special:ProtectedTitles.