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[[Image:Warriors_Isle_Guild_Hall_1000x800.jpg|right|thumb|250px|Warrior's Isle]]
[[Image:Warriors Isle.jpg|right|thumb|200px|Map of Warrior's Isle]]
The '''Warrior's Isle''' is a [[Guild Hall]] found in [[Guild Wars Prophecies]].

''Note: The following information also applies to the [[Wizard's Isle]] and the [[Hunter's Isle]], which have almost identical layouts.''

The Warrior's Isle has a pretty basic layout: three paths in an almost Z fashion: One central path connects the two opposing bases' main gates, while secondary paths branch off at each [[main gate]] to the opponent's [[secondary gate]]. The [[flag stand]] is located in the center of the main path, and two [[catapult]]s attach to the junction between the main path and the secondaries.

* [[Catapult]]s, one for each side.
* Catapult [[repair kit]] spawns near the map's center.
* Two paths from base to base

NPC guards are of importance here. A set of three is located right outside the main gate at the junction: Two Fighters and an Archer. They are relatively easy to dispatch, and do not come back, but can provide a nice supplement to your damage dealing ability if you can lure an enemy or two near them.

Another two archers are to be found guarding the main gate: On the walls for the home team, and off to the side for the attackers. One more can be found inside the secondary gate. The [[Guild Lord]] is well protected, as usual he has two [[bodyguard]]s, and three [[archer]]s at his aid. The [[Guild Thief]] is also with him in this map, so be careful who you target when attacking. The Lord's escort is plenty to hold off a weakend enemy for a good 30 seconds: Use this to your advantage to respawn and regroup.

This map is for the long haul. The way the paths intersect makes a sneak attack hard to pull off. The central location of the [[flag stand]] makes it easy to capture, so if you know you'll be fighting here, bring some crippling or knockdown skills. The relatively open area around the flag stand is a poor area to fight: Enemy warriors will have free reign to rush your casters. Stay to one side of the central area, preferably the opponents side. 

The first rush is the best place to gain an advantage: Keep the flag hidden but nearby till your opponent has captured the flag stand, then rush towards it to try for an early boost. Do not be afraid to rush: Winning this battle is key. If, however, you do seem to be losing, retreat to your first NPC Guard party.

Both gates are locked, and as such you must have your [[Guild Thief]] unlock them before entrance. Protecting the Guild thief from the guards and enemies on the walls is a priority for the few (roughly five) seconds before the gate is unlocked. You can have archers and spellcasters take out the archers behind the wall while this is being done.

Catapults work wonders for keeping the enemy on their toes: Assign a player (Ranger or mesmer, who's skills are not good for rushing and close quarters) to keep the catapult firing. Feint a rush, then retreat and fire the pault to take down their unwary members. When you are ready to rush the guild lord, don't fire the catapult, as it will damage your teammates.

As noted before, the [[Guild Lord]] party is strong. If you have a minute or more, try and concentrate fire on the lord. If you have under thirty seconds, try and get one or both of the casters then retreat so that your can take him down on your second try.


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