As most of you know, PvXwiki hosted Guild Wars builds ever since our build section got wiped. On February 17th, 2009, PvXwiki announced plans to move to Wikia: Tuesday 17 February, Potential move to Wikia. (GuildWiki moved to Wikia one and a half years ago). On 19th February, PvXwiki's database and domains were switched over. PvXwiki is now a part of Wikia and can be reached at, in addition to the old adresses.

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You are a Wikia user (because you are reading this on a Wikia wiki). What do you think about PvXwiki moving to Wikia?

PvXwiki moving to Wikia?

The poll was created at 00:01 on February 19, 2009, and so far 1684 people voted.

Was keeping PvXwiki independent a realistic option?

Here's what it might have cost: Renting1 two managed Athlon 64/6000 servers with 6 GB RAM and a 750 GB disk each and a combined traffic allowance of 2 Terabyte/month costs 198€/month, that comes to around 250$ USD. (Internal traffic between the servers is free.) The wiki needs to earn around $10 per day to keep going. That sounds doable.

It also needs people to care for the mediawiki software; the provider runs the apache/php/mySQL database etc. stuff (that's why it's "managed"). They promise better than 99% uptime.

1German GuildWiki has been using this example hosting provider for years.


PvXwiki stays the same. No other skin, no other usernames, no ads the community doesn't want. Definitely non-commercial, like the license says. (Yes, we get Warcraft ads. Lots of them.) Full control over all aspects of the wiki.


The level of service is likely to be somewhat worse: 24 hours of downtime in 2 years are not likely, and page load times could go up. There is still the need to find PvXwiki users (at least two would be good) to set the wiki up and run it with no pay, or find a way to compensate them (maybe in-game?).


Instead of trusting a dot-com you'd be trusting a group of users that commit to supporting the wiki.

How the move affected us

Here are the statistics; the obvious dip coincides with the time our site notice about this page was up.

Pageviews 2009 Q1People 2009 Q1

The dip also coincides with a general dip for Wikia google rankings. Phew!

People Wikia 2009 Q1