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Guild Lord
Guild Lord (Services).jpg
Species: Human
Level(s): 20
For information on the NPC who appears in Guild versus Guild, see Guild Lord.


The Guild Lord can be found in the Guild Hall. He sells Guild Hall Services, which are upgrades to the Guild Hall. He offers the following services. Services are purchased from the Guild Lord and will carry over if the guild changes their Hall.

Service Cost
GH Xunlai icon.jpg Xunlai Agent 10 Platinum
GH dye trader icon.jpg Dye Trader 50 Platinum
GH material trader icon.jpg Crafting Material Trader 100 Platinum
GH rare material trader icon.jpg Rare Material Trader 100 Platinum
GH rune trader icon.jpg Rune Trader 25 Platinum
GH scroll trader icon.jpg Scroll Trader 50 Platinum
GH skill trainer icon.jpg Skill Trainer1 100 Platinum
GH Priest of Balthazar icon.jpg Priest of Balthazar 10 Platinum
GH merchant icon.jpg Merchant 25 Platinum
GH weaponsmith icon.jpg Weaponsmith2 10 Platinum
GH guild emblemer icon.jpg Guild Emblemer 10 Platinum
GH canthan ambassador icon.jpg Canthan Ambassador 10 Platinum
GH festival hat maker icon.jpg Festival Hat Keeper 10 Platinum
Total 510 Platinum
  1. The Skill Trainer only offers Core Skills which are unlocked on your account.
  2. The Weaponsmith can only customize your weapons. Note that this is the only way for PvP characters to customize PvE weapons, as there aren't any weaponsmiths in any other PvP areas.


  • You can only buy services for your Guild's Hall, not those of your Alliance.