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Disambiguous.png This article is about the Guild Wars expansion. For the town, see Eye of the North (outpost).
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  • Guild Wars: Eye of the North (commonly abbreviated as GW:EN, as on the official site; GWEN, or EotN) is an expansion of the Guild Wars game series. It is an expansion to all of the first three campaigns. Unlike the previous three Guild Wars products, Eye of the North is not a standalone campaign; it is an expansion pack.
  • Eye of the North requires at least one of the Guild Wars campaigns to play, and focuses on high-level content for existing characters.
  • The campaign's name refers to the Eye of the North, a tower in the Far Shiverpeaks, which shows visions and plays a significant role in the plot of the expansion.


  • The official in-game trailer for Guild Wars: Eye of the North can be downloaded at video gallery. Also see Dungeon-trailer In-game video
  • The dungeon preview movie can also be downloaded at the same page.




Eye of the North's story includes:

Bridging the divide

  • Through the story line, Eye of the North introduces Guild Wars players to some of the races that will be playable in the planned sequel: Guild Wars 2. It serves another important function for players who have invested much time and effort into developing their characters: a measure of continuity will be made possible through a Hall of Monuments.
  • Players can construct monuments in the Hall that record some of their achievements, titles, companions, and even weapons and armors, which will bestow some benefit in Guild Wars 2.


WarriorJora RangerPyre Fierceshot
MonkOgden Stonehealer NecromancerLivia
MesmerGwen ElementalistVekk
AssassinAnton RitualistXandra
ParagonHayda DervishKahmu

Release date

  • Guild Wars Eye of the North was officially released on August 31, 2007

Pre-release pack

On July 20, 2007, stores began to carry/sell the Guild Wars Eye of the North Prerelease Bonus Pack. Some stores gave this to customers when they pre-ordered the expansion, others sold it separately. The pack was also available through the online, in-game store and on PlayNC's website. The pack included:

  • A chance to play the game early during the Sneak Peek Weekend, August 24-26th. Everything gained and attained in this weekend was permanent to your characters, unlike in the sneak peek weekends of Factions and Nightfall.
  • DVD with 10 day/14 hour trial key for all three Guild Wars games. Note: the key for the prerelease bonus automatically included and applied this trial key to YOUR account, even if you already had all three campaigns.
  • The Pre-release pack included a trial of 14 hours for 10 days in all campaigns. (However, any skills or heroes acquired from another campaign were locked from use after the trial is over. Animal companions and armor sets remain usable).
  • Bonus items: Glacial Blade, Darksteel Longbow, and Hourglass Staff.
  • Note: The Bonus Pack did not include an extra character slot and neither does GW:EN.

Expansion Pack

On August 28th, 2007, stores began to carry/sell the Guild Wars Eye of the North, the online store started selling it on August 31st. The pack is also available through the online, in-game store and on PlayNC's website. The pack includes:

  • Map of Eye of the North
  • 17 Pages of Manuscript
  • Access Key for Eye of the North
  • Advertisement, including trial access key for Guild Wars Trilogy.


  • According to the official press release (July 2, 2007), the expansion was to be released for $39.99 in North America and €34.99 in Europe. If you purchased the Pre-release pack the cost ($4.99 in North America, £3.49 in Britain) will be applied as a discount (making the expansion cost $35.00 in North America) to the purchase price of the expansion.
  • Pricing in other countries have been quoted as £24.99 in Britain, AUS$49.95 in Australia, 139 pesos in Argentina, and NZ$60.00 in New Zealand.
  • There is a pre-release bonus pack.
  • There will not be a collector's edition.
  • One of the four missions in the Bonus Mission Pack involves Gwen at some point in the eight years between the Searing and Eye of the North.
  • Eye of the North shares its World Map with Prophecies.
  • Some enemies in Eye of the North have a secondary profession.


  • Guild Wars: Eye of the North is often abbreviated GW:EN. Prior to the sneak peek, some players believed that this was an intentional reference to Gwen, while others believed it was a coincidence. The trailer released on July 20, however, showed that Gwen would not only make an appearance, but would be a hero and major character as well.
  • Guild Wars: Eye of the North plays 6 years after much of the events of the Prophecies campaign, 1078 AE, which makes it 3 years since the Nightfall campaign and 8 years since the Searing [source].

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