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Pre-order Note

The Eye of the North Sneak Peek Weekend was only available to those who purchased the Guild Wars: Eye of the North pre-order pack from NCSoft/, or other online and offline vendors. In the case of offline, a serial key was included with the pack, which, when registered allowed players to enter the Eye of the North Sneak Peek via a quest, available in one major city in each current campaign.

In all towns where the Quest into GW:EN was available, you must have been level 20 to receive the quest. All members of the party must have also been level 20 as well, except for Heroes and Henchmen.

Getting Started

See: Getting started (Eye of the North)

Sealed-off areas

During the preview weekend, the following portals are sealed:

Known Bugs

See: Eye of the North technical issues


See: Hall of Monuments

New Titles Available

New Heroes Available

New Pets

Note: Any pets you tamed from GW:EN will still accompany you after the event.

New Armor

New Weapon Skins

See: Here for a list


Quest Items

Consumable item

Mini Game Items / Quest Rewards

Dwarven Boxing

Norn Fighting Tournament



Collectable Drops

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End of Event Notes, Problems and Solutions

After the event ended, any attempt to travel or load into one of the Eye of the North towns or outposts resulted in that character being redirected to the first town of their home continent.

GW:EN Heroes after the event

If you had any GW:EN heroes in your party when the event ended they will have been removed from your party, they will still be reported as occupying a hero slot and therefore prevent you from adding more heroes. Zoning to Random Arena (which removes all party members) will fix this and allow you to add 3 heroes again. This has since been fixed by ANet.

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