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Guild Wars Factions, globally released on April 28, 2006, (exactly one year after the original Guild Wars was released) is the official product title of ArenaNet's second campaign in the Guild Wars world. It is also referred to as Chapter Two, Campaign Two, Factions Campaign, or more commonly: Factions.

Relationship with other Guild Wars campaigns

Guild Wars Factions is a stand alone product and doesn't require the player to already own the original Guild Wars (Prophecies Campaign). However, the two campaigns can be linked by adding the Factions retail key to an already existing Prophecies account and players from both campaigns will be able to interact. They will be able to compete in PvP and players who own both campaigns are able to take any Prophecies characters that have reached Lion's Arch over to the lands of Factions. Also any factions character that reaches Kaineng Center will be able to go to Lion's Arch (if Prophecies is unlocked), Kamadan (if Nightfall is unlocked) and Boreal Station (if Eye of the North is unlocked).

The stories of the Factions Campaign and the Prophecies Campaign link at Lion's Arch, where Canthan merchants were already present in the Prophecies Campaign.


The Factions Campaign takes place in Cantha, the home continent of the sailing merchant empire, with an Asian theme.

The backstory revolves around Shiro Tagachi, a former bodyguard of the righteous emperor of Cantha 200 years ago. Shiro murdered the emperor and was killed for it. As he died, he let out a wail that turned the seas into solid jade and petrified the forests. The game takes place some 200 years later, when he returns from the grave to wreak his vengeance upon the Canthans, becoming the antagonist of the story.

The plot also focuses on the warring factions of the Luxons and the Kurzicks who continuously and violently compete with each other for resources in Cantha.


Current Events


Past Events

Current Available Editions

The game is currently available in two editions:

Features Released with this Chapter

The following features were released with Guild Wars Factions:

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