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Japanese Pre-order item pictures

Officially called "Limited Items" in Japanese, on the English fan forums they are more commonly referred to as the Japanese pre-order items.

Each item is an animal plus one of the 7 sins. Stats aren't available yet.

The items are all named in English and written in katakana. Currently only part of the stats of these items were revealed.

  • Poisonous Scorpion's Lust (Bow) - Increase Poison Duration, and more
  • Lion's Pride (Elementalist focus) - Increase Recharge for Fire Skills, and more
  • Fox's Greed (Monk focus) - Increase Casting Speed for Healing Skills, and more
  • Unicorn's Wrath (Mesmer cane) - Increase casting speed for Illusion skills, and more
  • Insightful Snake's Envy (Necromancer staff) - Increase casting speed of Blood skills, and more
  • Hog's Gluttony (Shield) - +30 Health -1 dmg(while in a stance)
  • Sundering Bear's Sloth (Hammer) - Damage increase by 15%, and more

For caster attribute related modifiers, the descriptions all say "skills" instead of "spells", although it should be "spells". None of the modifiers mention triggering conditions, but in general should not be assumed to be constant effects due to balance issues.

Each purchase of the Packaged Version (as opposed to Download Version) of Guild Wars Japan will have an item serial key to unlock the preorder item. The pre-order item received by the character is randomly chosen among the seven. It is currently not explicit whether the pre-order item is the same for the entire account or not.

The "/preorder" command can be used to re-obtain discarded pre-order items.