Gull Hookbeak
Gull Hookbeak
Species: Tengu
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 15 (20)


Gull Hookbeak is a Sensali Tengu warrior attempting a rite of valor to prove himself. He is evidently a very high-ranking Sensali Tengu, perhaps the leader, as it was him who represented the Sensali at The Tengu Accords, and, when replaying this historical event, the player can question him in the same way as Soar Honorclaw, the leader of the Angchu Tengu. After The Tengu Accords summit meeting, Gull Hookbeak refused peace and stormed out.

Quests given


Skills used


"Those foes were for me. You should not have interfered, human. In fact I should kill you now... and I would, if I did not have larger concerns. Speak now or leave me be."


Anomaly Anomaly! In The Tengu Accords, Gull's model is that of a Sensali Assassin. While in Jaya Bluffs, he resembles a Sensali Fighter.
Anomaly Anomaly! In The Tengu Accords, Gull is a Ranger, and in Jaya Bluffs, he is a Warrior
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