Gunnar's Hold
Gunnar's Hold
Basic Info
Campaign: Eye of the North
Type: Town
Part of: Far Shiverpeaks
Norrhart Domains


The armorer, Gunnar Poundfist, claims current ownership over this massive hearthstead, the longest-occupied of all Norn settlements. The great hold has changed names many times over the years, controlled and claimed by many powerful Norn. Gunnar is a notable smith, a profession that earns great respect within the Norn community; enough so that Poundfist's claim on Gunnar's Hold has stood for quite some time, as most other Norn are wary of losing his good will.

Getting there

The quest Tracking the Nornbear leads to here, otherwise head northwest from Eye of the North through the Ice Cliff Chasms to the Norrhart Domains, then head east.




Gunnar's Hold


  • There was a hidden model of what seems to be a naked man in this outpost. (Taken out in 9/17/07 update)
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