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This item is the flute that Gwen had lost in Pre-Searing and It was somehow broken. She had this item before you purchased her the new one in pre-searing. It is the same flute as the Broken Flute in pre-searing, but name was changed, when the game changed from Pre-Searing to Post searing as to keep from having confusion. It is found after the Searing in Old Ascalon near Sardelac Sanitarium. If you have gwen with you, expect some soppy sad dialogue that have you grabbing for tissues.

Having Gwen's Broken Flute with you when you talk to Gwen in the Hall of Monuments will gain the quest Fire and Pain, but only after you have completed The Missing Vanguard. Remember, this will cause another sappy story, but she'll only give you this request as it's her "Vengence" or as some would say, her "revenge" for what the Charr did to her. However, we can only feel sorry for her and help her out.

After that quest, it's only fitting to throw the broken flute away. Since, it'll be useless for any mesmer hero or any hero for that matter.

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