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Species: Human
Level(s): 20


Hagon informs players of the current state of affairs and provides the mission briefing for Moddok Crevice.



Mission briefing:

"There's little time to talk, sir. We have to get through to Vabbi, and those Kournans are hot on our heels.
Is there anything I can help you with quickly?"
Tell me about past events.
"Kormir has been freed from the Kournan's clutches, and the Master of Whispers has helped defeat a demon in the Waterworks. Now, though, the Kournan army under General Bayel is hot on our heels! Our only hope is to make it into Vabbi before the entire Kournan army descends upon us" [sic]
Tell me about current events.
"There's no time to stop and plan. It looks like there's only one way through to Vabbi. We have to push our way through before the Kournan guards catch up. You're halfway to Vabbi. Don't give up now!"
Please give me some tips.
"Dunkoro gives good advice. Heed his warnings and you should get through without too much effort. 2. Keep heading north. If you get lost, press "U" to bring up the Mission Map to see if you are backtracking. 3. General Bayel is being helped by a powerful demon known as the Hunger. Should you encounter them, separate them. Don't let the Hunber get back to Bayel for healing. Also, don't let the Hunger chew on the same person for too long without removing Conditions."