Heavy Equipment Pack
Heavy Equipment Pack

A Heavy Equipment Pack is an inventory container, and can store up to 20 weapons and/or pieces of armor. It is equipped in the same way as a Belt Pouch or Bag, but does not show up when you "Toggle all bags" (default button is F9.)



Dye can be applied to the Heavy Equipment Pack but has no effect on the color of the bag.

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  • The Heavy Equipment Pack can be sold to a merchant for 50 Gold.
  • A given character cannot place armor or weapons customized for any other character (including those on the same account) in the Equipment Pack.
  • Items cannot be salvaged when in the Equipment Pack.
  • 15 Gold Zaishen Coins and 100 Gold is the equivalent of 7,500 Copper Zaishen Coins and 2 Platinum 350 Gold.
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