Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of the Prophecies Campaign.

The Heroes of Ascalon is a group of adventurers who are the main characters of the Lore of Guild Wars (in both the website and the game manual). The name Heroes of Ascalon is not ascribed by ArenaNet nor is it used in-game, it is a label formed by the wiki to refer to them. They are:

With the exception of Aidan (who was born in the Shiverpeaks), the Heroes were born in Ascalon and began their story defending their nation. They are initially encountered as NPCs for the first half of Prophecies, and are found as henchmen for the bulk of all three campaigns. The story of the Heroes of Ascalon follows that of any other Tyrian-born character, progressing through the following stages:

Note: Devona, Cynn and Aidan appear in the opening cutscene of the first installment of Guild Wars.

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