High-resolution skill icons
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  • These skill icons are from the online sealedplay fankit.
  • Some skill icons appear to be different from the versions used in-game. Any differences are noted above the icon.

Blood Magic

Angorodon's Gaze

Hi-res-Angorodon's Gaze.jpg

Awaken the Blood

Hi-res-Awaken the Blood.jpg

Barbed Signet

Hi-res-Barbed Signet.jpg

Blood Bond

Hi-res-Blood Bond.jpg

Blood Drinker

Hi-res-Blood Drinker.jpg

Blood Renewal

Hi-res-Blood Renewal.jpg

Blood Ritual

Hi-res-Blood Ritual.jpg

Blood is Power

Hi-res-Blood is Power.jpg

Blood of the Aggressor

Hi-res-Blood of the Aggressor.jpg

Cultist's Fervor

Hi-res-Cultist's Fervor.jpg

Dark Bond

Hi-res-Dark Bond.jpg

Dark Fury

Hi-res-Dark Fury.jpg

Dark Pact

Hi-res-Dark Pact.jpg

Demonic Flesh

Hi-res-Demonic Flesh.jpg

Jaundiced Gaze

Hi-res-Jaundiced Gaze.jpg

Life Siphon

Hi-res-Life Siphon.jpg

Life Transfer

Hi-res-Life Transfer.jpg

Lifebane Strike

Hi-res-Lifebane Strike.jpg

Mark of Fury

Hi-res-Mark of Fury.jpg

Mark of Subversion

Hi-res-Mark of Subversion.jpg

Offering of Blood

Hi-res-Offering of Blood.jpg

Oppressive Gaze

Hi-res-Oppressive Gaze.jpg

Order of Pain

Hi-res-Order of Pain.jpg

Order of the Vampire

Hi-res-Order of the Vampire.jpg

Ravenous Gaze

Hi-res-Ravenous Gaze.jpg

Shadow Strike

Hi-res-Shadow Strike.jpg

Signet of Agony

Hi-res-Signet of Agony.jpg

Soul Leech

Hi-res-Soul Leech.jpg

Spoil Victor

Hi-res-Spoil Victor.jpg

Strip Enchantment

Hi-res-Strip Enchantment.jpg

Touch of Agony

Hi-res-Touch of Agony.jpg

Unholy Feast

Hi-res-Unholy Feast.jpg

Vampiric Bite

Hi-res-Vampiric Bite.jpg

Vampiric Gaze

Hi-res-Vampiric Gaze.jpg

Vampiric Spirit

Hi-res-Vampiric Spirit.jpg

Vampiric Swarm

Hi-res-Vampiric Swarm.jpg

Vampiric Touch

Hi-res-Vampiric Touch.jpg

Wallow's Bite

Hi-res-Wallow's Bite.jpg

Well of Blood

Hi-res-Well of Blood.jpg

Well of Power

Hi-res-Well of Power.jpg










Corrupt Enchantment

Hi-res-Corrupt Enchantment.jpg

Defile Defenses

Hi-res-Defile Defenses.jpg

Defile Enchantments

Hi-res-Defile Enchantments.jpg

Defile Flesh

Hi-res-Defile Flesh.jpg



Desecrate Enchantments

Hi-res-Desecrate Enchantments.jpg



Enfeebling Blood

Hi-res-Enfeebling Blood.jpg

Enfeebling Touch

Hi-res-Enfeebling Touch.jpg

Envenom Enchantments

Hi-res-Envenom Enchantments.jpg


  • This icon differs slightly from the in-game icon: it has a background of hazy dots where the in-game icon has a background of black rays radiating from behind the figure.


Feast of Corruption

Hi-res-Feast of Corruption.jpg

Insidious Parasite

Hi-res-Insidious Parasite.jpg

Lingering Curse

Hi-res-Lingering Curse.jpg



Mark of Pain

Hi-res-Mark of Pain.jpg



Order of Apostasy

Hi-res-Order of Apostasy.jpg

Pain of Disenchantment

Hi-res-Pain of Disenchantment.jpg

Parasitic Bond

Hi-res-Parasitic Bond.jpg

Plague Sending

Hi-res-Plague Sending.jpg

Plague Signet

Hi-res-Plague Signet.jpg

Plague Touch

Hi-res-Plague Touch.jpg

Poisoned Heart

Hi-res-Poisoned Heart.jpg

Price of Failure

Hi-res-Price of Failure.jpg

Reckless Haste

Hi-res-Reckless Haste.jpg

Rend Enchantments

Hi-res-Rend Enchantments.jpg

Rigor Mortis

Hi-res-Rigor Mortis.jpg

Rip Enchantment

Hi-res-Rip Enchantment.jpg

Shadow of Fear

Hi-res-Shadow of Fear.jpg

Shivers of Dread

Hi-res-Shivers of Dread.jpg

Signet of Suffering

Hi-res-Signet of Suffering.jpg

Soul Barbs

Hi-res-Soul Barbs.jpg

Soul Bind

Hi-res-Soul Bind.jpg

Spinal Shivers

Hi-res-Spinal Shivers.jpg

Spiteful Spirit

Hi-res-Spiteful Spirit.jpg



Ulcerous Lungs

Hi-res-Ulcerous Lungs.jpg

Vocal Minority

Hi-res-Vocal Minority.jpg

Weaken Armor

Hi-res-Weaken Armor.jpg

Weaken Knees

Hi-res-Weaken Knees.jpg

Well of Darkness

Hi-res-Well of Darkness.jpg

Well of Ruin

Hi-res-Well of Ruin.jpg

Well of Silence

Hi-res-Well of Silence.jpg

Well of Weariness

Hi-res-Well of Weariness.jpg



Death Magic

Animate Bone Fiend

Hi-res-Animate Bone Fiend.jpg

Animate Bone Horror

Hi-res-Animate Bone Horror.jpg

Animate Bone Minions

Hi-res-Animate Bone Minions.jpg

Animate Flesh Golem

Hi-res-Animate Flesh Golem.jpg

Animate Shambling Horror

Hi-res-Animate Shambling Horror.jpg

Animate Vampiric Horror

Hi-res-Animate Vampiric Horror.jpg

Aura of the Lich

Hi-res-Aura of the Lich.jpg

Bitter Chill

Hi-res-Bitter Chill.jpg

Blood of the Master

Hi-res-Blood of the Master.jpg

Consume Corpse

Hi-res-Consume Corpse.jpg



Dark Aura

Hi-res-Dark Aura.jpg

Death Nova

Hi-res-Death Nova.jpg

Deathly Chill

Hi-res-Deathly Chill.jpg

Deathly Swarm

Hi-res-Deathly Swarm.jpg



Feast for the Dead

Hi-res-Feast for the Dead.jpg

Fetid Ground

Hi-res-Fetid Ground.jpg

Infuse Condition

Hi-res-Infuse Condition.jpg

Jagged Bones

Hi-res-Jagged Bones.jpg

Malign Intervention

Hi-res-Malign Intervention.jpg

Necrotic Traversal

Hi-res-Necrotic Traversal.jpg

Order of Undeath

Hi-res-Order of Undeath.jpg

Putrid Bile

Hi-res-Putrid Bile.jpg

Putrid Explosion

Hi-res-Putrid Explosion.jpg

Putrid Flesh

Hi-res-Putrid Flesh.jpg

Rising Bile

Hi-res-Rising Bile.jpg

Rotting Flesh

Hi-res-Rotting Flesh.jpg

Soul Feast

Hi-res-Soul Feast.jpg

Tainted Flesh

Hi-res-Tainted Flesh.jpg

Taste of Death

Hi-res-Taste of Death.jpg

Taste of Pain

Hi-res-Taste of Pain.jpg

Toxic Chill

Hi-res-Toxic Chill.jpg

Verata's Aura

Hi-res-Verata's Aura.jpg

Verata's Gaze

Hi-res-Verata's Gaze.jpg

Verata's Sacrifice

Hi-res-Verata's Sacrifice.jpg

Vile Miasma

Hi-res-Vile Miasma.jpg

Vile Touch

Hi-res-Vile Touch.jpg



Well of Suffering

Hi-res-Well of Suffering.jpg

Well of the Profane

Hi-res-Well of the Profane.jpg

Withering Aura

Hi-res-Withering Aura.jpg

Soul Reaping

Foul Feast

Hi-res-Foul Feast.jpg

Hexer's Vigor

Hi-res-Hexer's Vigor.jpg

Icy Veins

Hi-res-Icy Veins.jpg



Reaper's Mark

Hi-res-Reaper's Mark.jpg

Signet of Lost Souls

Hi-res-Signet of Lost Souls.jpg

Signet of Sorrow

Hi-res-Signet of Sorrow.jpg

Wail of Doom

Hi-res-Wail of Doom.jpg

No Attribute

Gaze of Contempt

Hi-res-Gaze of Contempt.jpg

Grenth's Balance

Hi-res-Grenth's Balance.jpg

High-resolution skill icons
Warrior Warrior Ranger Ranger Monk Monk Necromancer Necromancer Mesmer Mesmer Elementalist Elementalist Assassin Assassin Ritualist Ritualist Paragon Paragon Dervish Dervish
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