1. Aid the Keepers as they defend their position from Margonite forces.
  2. Assist the Keepers as they fend off additional Margonite forces.
  3. See Keeper Kauniss for your reward.

Obtained from

Keeper Kauniss in Gate of Secrets



"We're losing ground as we battle the forces of Abaddon. Without direct knowledge of his troop strength, I will be unable to effectively command our resources. I need a spy, and that spy is you. Venture into the Domain of Fear and assist our men stationed there. Take note of all enemy forces you encounter and return to me with the information."
Accept: "I'll get you your information, Kauniss."
Reject: "Meh."

Reward Dialogue

"Your help was appreciated. Now, tell me what you have learned. Assassins? Moving in coordinated group? Give me some time to think... this smacks of something I have heard before."


Know Thine Enemy


The group of Forgotten is just outside the exit of Gate of Secrets and are assaulted by groups (beginning: 2) of level 28 Earth Born Titan, Wild Growth, Wind Born Titan, Water Born Titan, Rotting Titan. On arrival the Forgotten are already being attacked by 2 Titan Abominations. Watch out for luring the present groups of Torment Demons consisting mainly of a high number of Rain of Terrors. You will be assaulted by waves of Titans and Margonites.

After several waves, the quest will update and you will be asked to eliminate further Margonite forces, which are located across the bridge to the south. Three Shiro'ken Assassins will spawn and attack you at your current location. Three more groups of Forgotten will be present at this location, and more waves of the same enemies will attack your position there. Again, when you have defeated all of the enemies, three Shiro'ken Assassins will spawn. After that, return to Keeper Kauniss for your reward.


  • You do not have to save any of the Forgotten.
  • The groups of Shiro'ken Assassins do not have to be defeated.
  • Although the next wave of enemies will not come until the previous wave is defeated, some of the Titans spawn other mobs upon defeat, and the next wave will come even if you have not defeated these mobs.
  • Though the Gate of Secrets is closer to the actual quest area, trying to approach from there will have you face extremely large groups of caster enemies, wiping your party very quickly
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