Honur Hill
Honur Hill
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Outpost-
Part of: Vabbi
The Mirror of Lyss, Resplendent Makuun,


A rag-tag community of artists, actors, and other unsavory types, the natives of Honur Hill make their living fleecing wealthy patrons on their way to the Bokka Ampitheatre. [sic] If you need a reproduction statue of Grenth or some fake memoirs of a Prince of Vabbi, the merchants of Honur Hill will be happy to oblige you. Otherwise, hold on to your purse with both hands and walk fast.

Getting there

The primary quest All's Well That Ends Well will lead through here.

Honur Hill is to the east of the Kodash Bazaar, although travel through the Mirror of Lyss needs to first head halfway northeast before turning southeast.




Honur Hill


  • There is a highly decorated wagon that is the same as one found in Green Hills County, in Presearing Tyria; there, the wagon is in a cul-de-sac not quite at the South-East corner.
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