Two Ice Sleighs of different size at Port Sledge

Sailsleigh in concept art

Sailsleighs (Ice Ships) are the vehicles in which the Dwarves cruise the frozen lakes, rivers and sea shores of the Shiverpeak Mountains. Since the waters in that region are perennially frozen, sleighs are a convenient method of transportation. When there is no sufficient wind to sail, Dolyaks are used to drag the sleighs.

Sailsleighs come in various sizes. Sleighs used to navigate the frozen bay of the Sea of Sorrows, marking the southern edge of the Shiverpeaks, can be huge in size. Some impressive sleighs can be seen in Droknar's Forge, Port Sledge and off the south-west coast of Ice Floe.

In chapter 4 of the Lore the Heroes of Ascalon encounter an Ice Ship:

"A pair of heavily armored and harnessed yaks came right toward the humans. Behind them, attached to the harnesses by four thick chains was what could only be described as a snow ship. The vessel had a thick wooden mainmast and three billowing sails, not unlike the ships Devona had seen off the Tarnished Coast. But where the sea-going vessels had a deep V-shaped hull, this one was flat on the bottom for traveling over the snow and ice."
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