Imps are small magical creatures resembling horned monkeys with bat wings. Although they have wings, they seem to be incapable of flight, or at least they prefer to walk. They are potent Elementalists and can deal a good amount of damage, but usually lack any defensive skills and as such die quickly. Imps are mostly found in small groups of about three, but much larger groups are not uncommon.


Region Type Collectable Drop
Kryta Elementalist-icon-small11 Fire Imp
Elementalist-icon-small13 Inferno Imp
Glowing Heart
Southern Shiverpeaks Elementalist-icon-small22 Ice Imp Frigid Heart
Ring of Fire Islands1 Elementalist-icon-small24 Lava Imp Molten Heart
Depths of Tyria Ritualist-icon-small24 Forge Imp Unknown
  1. Sparks of the Titans resemble Imps, but testing confirms that they are Titans.

For a list of the of all Imps, including bosses see: Category:Imps.

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