Imperial Chef Yan
Imperial Chef Yan
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Imperial Chef Yan is one of the five Imperial Chefs responsible for preparing the feast for the arrival of the Great Celestial.



"Hello, my name is Yan. Some people say I can cook. I have a grave responsibility my friend, and it is one that requires outside help if I am to please the great celestial. I am preparing the first dish the celestial will feast upon... the appetizer, if you will... that will set the tone for the entire feast. If the celestial is not pleased with the first course, the entire meal will be ruined! I need the following ingredients:"
Iridescent Griffon Wings
Tangled Seeds
Fiery Crests
Smoking Remains
"Bring me all of these ingredients for the arrival of the celestial, and I will be forever in you debt."


Areas to collect items:

Continent : Tyria

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