Incetol, Devout of Depths
Incetol Devout of Depths
Species: Human
Profession: Monk
Level(s): 28


Incetol, Devout of Depths is an Outcast Monk boss found in Rhea's Crater zone.


The fastest way to get to Incetol is to travel from Leviathan Pits into Gyala Hatchery (explorable) and travel from there into Rhea's Crater.

Incetol Devout of Depths map location

Location from Leviathan Pits

Skills used

Items dropped


There are some patrols in the area around this boss that can cause you some problems. Before attacking the boss and her guards look around for any patrol that can cause you problems.


  • Incetol's name may be derived from cetus, the Latin word for whale.
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