Disambiguous This article is about Insignia, the armor upgrades. For information on the profession insignia quests given at the end of training in Shing Jea Monastery, see Insignia (course).
Blessed Insignia

An insignia

Insignia are upgrade components that can be added to armor to give it additional functionality and bonuses.


Insignia are prefix upgrade components for armor, granting additional effects to the wearer. Like runes, insignia have fixed bonuses (the effects are not variable like most weapon upgrades), although some have progressive effects that grant greater bonuses based on certain conditions.

Insignia can be paired with runes on the same piece of armor, since runes are the suffix upgrade for armor, and their effects will stack unless an effect is specifically noted as "(Non-stacking)." Health and Energy bonuses will stack across all equipped armor pieces, while armor rating bonuses (or penalties) only stack on individual armor pieces.

Insignia can be applied to most armor, including hero armor, although profession-specific insignia can only be applied to armor for that profession. The only armor that will not accept insignia is collector armor that has the profession's maximum armor rating.


In PvE, insignia can be salvaged from salvage armors dropped from foes. Identifying the armor will reveal whether or not the armor contains an insignia, and if it does, will reveal the name of the insignia; this action will also unlock the insignia on your account. As with runes, insignia for campaign-specific professions will only drop in that campaign and in the Eye of the North expansion. You can also salvage insignia that you have applied to your own armor or your heroes' armor. Since hero armor cannot be destroyed, many players use it as extra storage space for runes and insignia.

Additionally, insignia can be sold to and purchased from Rune Traders at market prices that fluctuate based on supply and demand. The traders' Buy price has a minimum of 100 Gold, while the Sell price bottoms out at 25 Gold, which is the same as their Merchant value.

In PvP, insignia can be unlocked by spending Balthazar faction at a Priest of Balthazar at a cost of 1,000 faction each. When creating armor in the PvP Equipment panel, you can select from a list of all insignia that are unlocked on your account.

List of insignia


Common-icon Common

BlessedBlessed InsigniaArmor +10 (while affected by an Enchantment Spell)
Brawler'sBrawler's InsigniaArmor +10 (while attacking)
Herald'sHerald's InsigniaArmor +10 (while holding an item)
RadiantRadiant InsigniaEnergy +3 (on chest armor)
Energy +2 (on leg armor)
Energy +1 (on other armor)
Sentry'sSentry's InsigniaArmor +10 (while in a stance)
StalwartStalwart InsigniaArmor +10 (vs. physical damage)
SurvivorSurvivor InsigniaHealth +15 (on chest armor)
Health +10 (on leg armor)
Health +5 (on other armor)

Warrior-icon Warrior

DreadnoughtDreadnought Insignia (Warrior)Armor +10 (vs. elemental damage)
Knight'sKnight's Insignia (Warrior)Received physical damage -3
Lieutenant'sLieutenant's Insignia (Warrior)Reduces Hex durations on you by 20% and damage dealt by you by 5% (Non-stacking)
Armor -20
Sentinel'sSentinel's Insignia (Warrior)Armor +20 vs. elemental damage (Requires 13 Strength).
StonefistStonefist Insignia (Warrior)Increases knockdown time of foes by 1 second. (Maximum: 3 seconds) (Non-stacking)

Ranger-icon Ranger

Beastmaster'sBeastmaster's Insignia (Ranger)Armor +10 (while your pet is alive)
EarthboundEarthbound Insignia (Ranger)Armor +15 (vs. Earth damage)
FrostboundFrostbound Insignia (Ranger)Armor +15 (vs. Cold damage)
PyreboundPyrebound Insignia (Ranger)Armor +15 (vs. Fire damage)
Scout'sScout's Insignia (Ranger)Armor +10 (while using a Preparation)
StormboundStormbound Insignia (Ranger)Armor +15 (vs. Lightning damage)

Monk-icon Monk

Anchorite'sAnchorite's Insignia (Monk)Armor +5 (while recharging 1 or more Skills)
Armor +5 (while recharging 3 or more Skills)
Armor +5 (while recharging 5 or more Skills)
Disciple'sDisciple's Insignia (Monk)Armor +15 (while affected by a Condition)
Wanderer'sWanderer's Insignia (Monk)Armor +10 (vs. elemental damage)

Necromancer-icon Necromancer

Blighter'sBlighter's Insignia (Necromancer)Armor +20 (while affected by a Hex Spell)
BloodstainedBloodstained Insignia (Necromancer)Reduces casting time of spells that exploit corpses by 25% (Non-stacking)
BonelaceBonelace Insignia (Necromancer)Armor +15 (vs. Piercing damage)
Minion Master'sMinion Master's Insignia (Necromancer)Armor +5 (while you control 1 or more minions)
Armor +5 (while you control 3 or more minions)
Armor +5 (while you control 5 or more minions)
Tormentor'sTormentor's Insignia (Necromancer)Armor +10
Holy damage you receive increased by 6 (on chest armor)
Holy damage you receive increased by 4 (on leg armor)
Holy damage you receive increased by 2 (on other armor)
Undertaker'sUndertaker's Insignia (Necromancer)Armor +5 (while Health is below 80%)
Armor +5 (while Health is below 60%)
Armor +5 (while Health is below 40%)
Armor +5 (while Health is below 20%)

Mesmer-icon Mesmer

Artificer'sArtificer's Insignia (Mesmer)Armor +3 (for each equipped Signet)
Prodigy'sProdigy's Insignia (Mesmer)Armor +5 (while recharging 1 or more Skills)
Armor +5 (while recharging 3 or more Skills)
Armor +5 (while recharging 5 or more Skills)
Virtuoso'sVirtuoso's Insignia (Mesmer)Armor +15 (while activating skills)

Elementalist-icon Elementalist

AeromancerAeromancer's Insignia (Elementalist)Armor +10 (vs. elemental damage)
Armor +10 (vs. Lightning damage)
GeomancerGeomancer's Insignia (Elementalist)Armor +10 (vs. elemental damage)
Armor +10 (vs. Earth damage)
HydromancerHydromancer's Insignia (Elementalist)Armor +10 (vs. elemental damage)
Armor +10 (vs. Cold damage)
PrismaticPrismatic Insignia (Elementalist)Armor +5 (requires 9 Air Magic)
Armor +5 (requires 9 Earth Magic)
Armor +5 (requires 9 Fire Magic)
Armor +5 (requires 9 Water Magic)
PyromancerPyromancer's Insignia (Elementalist)Armor +10 (vs. elemental damage)
Armor +10 (vs. Fire damage)

Assassin-icon Assassin

Infiltrator'sInfiltrator's Insignia (Assassin)Armor +10 (vs. physical damage)
Armor +10 (vs. Piercing damage)
Nightstalker'sNightstalker's Insignia (Assassin)Armor +15 (while attacking)
Saboteur'sSaboteur's Insignia (Assassin)Armor +10 (vs. physical damage)
Armor +10 (vs. Slashing damage)
Vanguard'sVanguard's Insignia (Assassin)Armor +10 (vs. physical damage)
Armor +10 (vs. Blunt damage)

Ritualist-icon Ritualist

Ghost ForgeGhost Forge Insignia (Ritualist)Armor +15 (while affected by a Weapon Spell)
Mystic'sMystic's Insignia (Ritualist)Armor +15 (while activating skills)
Shaman'sShaman's Insignia (Ritualist)Armor +5 (while you control 1 or more Spirits)
Armor +5 (while you control 2 or more Spirits)
Armor +5 (while you control 3 or more Spirits)

Paragon-icon Paragon

Centurion'sCenturion's Insignia (Paragon)Armor +10 (while affected by a Shout, Echo, or Chant)

Dervish-icon Dervish

ForsakenForsaken Insignia (Dervish)Armor +10 (while not affected by an Enchantment Spell)
WindwalkerWindwalker Insignia (Dervish)Armor +5 (while affected by 1 or more Enchantment Spells)
Armor +5 (while affected by 2 or more Enchantment Spells)
Armor +5 (while affected by 3 or more Enchantment Spells)
Armor +5 (while affected by 4 or more Enchantment Spells)


  • Currently, Lieutenant's and Stonefist Insignia have only been observed on gold armor, and Bloodstained Insignia have only been observed on purple and gold armor.
  • The Herald's Insignia prerequisite "while holding an item" refers to holding a bundle. This makes it an excellent choice for Ritualists who frequently use Item Spells.
Bug Bug! Ghost Forge Insignias created before the June 15th, 2007 update give a bonus of Armor +15 (while affected by a Chant).
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