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The interface, sometimes called the user interface (UI) or graphical user interface (GUI), of Guild Wars is all the elements on the game screen that allow the player to interact with the game and allow the game to inform the player about events in the game.

To move or remove most elements of the interface, go to the interface tab of the options window. Some window elements in the interface can be freely moved and resized without going through the options.

Elements of the interface[]

Arranging the interface[]

Many people choose to use the default set up provided by Guild Wars, but others move their displays around to fit how they play. If you find yourself looking at a particular side of the screen by habit, then it is likely most of your most important info should be listed there. If your cursor tends to be in one place more often than others, maybe the party list or chat menu should be there. Changing the interface to optimize your performance can be a difficult task but will make you more responsive.

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