Island of Shehkah
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Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Istan
Chahbek Village
Island of Shehkah map
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The Island of Shehkah is a tutorial area for the Nightfall campaign. Newly created roleplaying characters spawn here. Once you have entered Chahbek Village you cannot return to this area.



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Island of Shehkah

Note: All of the following quests are only available to Nightfall characters.


Narrator: Elona. Land of the Golden Sun.
A land of wealth and bounty.
A land of heroes.
A land protected by its champions, the Order of the Sunspears.
A shadow now falls upon this land.
The shadow of an ancient and forgotten darkness.
Night falls. The time of the Five Gods is at an end.

Some time later...

(Near Kamadan, in Istan Province)

<Party Leader>: Spearmarshal Kormir!

Kormir: Ahai. It's good to see both of you. You have arrived just in time.

Koss: Nothing that we can't handle, I hope.

Kormir: I have received word that corsairs have been spotted off our coast. Your skills and leadership will be needed.


  • The Island of Shehkah is the Nightfall equivalent of what the Monastery Overlook is for Factions.
  • Full exploration of this area is not required to achieve Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer.
    • When first starting in this area, Kormir will offer you the choice of a tutorial. If you accept the tutorial, you will be lead across the bridge to the village. If you choose to skip the tutorial, you will be taken through the swamp to the village. Either way you choose, you will gain .5% exploration.
    • If you choose to accept the tutorial, you can then explore the entire swamp area, in addition to proceeding to the village across the bridge. This will net you an additional .3% exploration for a total of .8% after leaving the tutorial.
    • Again, as stated above, the extra .3% isn’t required at all to achieve Grand Master Cartographer.

If you resign in this area, you restart, but you keep experience and items. You can use this to speed up cartography (Take the tutorial, go to the shrine, resign, and skip the tutorial)

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