Isle of Jade
Isle of Jade Guild Hall 1000x800
Basic Info
Campaign: Core
Type: Guild Hall
Part of: The Battle Isles
Isle of Jade map
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The Jade Isle is a Guild Hall made entirely out of jade. It was first introduced in Guild Wars Factions.


The map is in a rectangle shape with the guild halls on opposite sides. Also there is a lot of coral throughout the map. There are also teleporters and bridges leading to each guild hall. Also at the base there is a choke point where the gate opens up.



Both teams start with several NPCs.


The corals make ganks harder compared to other maps, even split teams might find going very hard. The area around the flag stand is rather small, allowing for better use of AoE damage.

Notorious for its unfriendliness toward split tactics, the Isle of Jade features a side path covered with spiked coral that slows movement and does damage to moving characters. However, this path provides quicker access to the flag stand and access to the side entrance of each base. Guilds with speed boosts can beat their opponents to the stand by taking this path, and position themselves to attack damaged opponents who also took the coral path.

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