Jade Fish are odd breeds of fish that dwell on the surface of the Jade Sea. After the sea was turned into solid jade by the Jade Wind, these fish have developed the ability to live on the surface of the sea as land creatures whilst retaining their aquatic appearance.

Known Subtypes

There are three basic types of Jade Fish:

  • Carp resemble real-life carp but have animal-like arms and legs. They walk on all fours and attack with their claws. These are usually assassins.
  • Irukandji resemble floating jellyfish and are probably named after the "Irukandji jellyfish." They are usually ritualists.
  • Manta resemble manta rays hovering upright. They are usually Smiting and Healing monks.

Mixed packs of Jade Fish can be found patrolling all the different areas of the Jade Sea. Mixed packs of Jade Fish and Leviathan Fish are encountered in the southern half of the Jade Sea, after the Gyala Hatchery mission.

RegionSubspeciesTypeCollectable drop
The Jade SeaCarpAssassin-icon-small22 Creeping CarpBlack Pearl
MantaMonk-icon-small22 Scuttle Fish
IrukandjiRitualist-icon-small22 Irukandji
The DeepCarpAssassin-icon-small28 Ripper Carpunknown
MantaMonk-icon-small24 Blessed Manta
Monk-icon-small24 Scourge Manta
IrukandjiRitualist-icon-small24 Reborn Irukandji
Ritualist-icon-small28 Darkened Irukandji
Urgoz's WarrenCarpNone1n/a
  1. Thorn Wolves resemble Carp, but are actually Plants.
  2. Hopping Vampires resemble Mantas, but are actually Vampires.

For a list of Jade Fish including bosses, see Category:Jade Fish.

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