RegionSubspeciesTypeCollectable drop
The Jade SeaCarpAssassin-icon-small22 Creeping CarpBlack Pearl
MantaMonk-icon-small22 Scuttle Fish
IrukandjiRitualist-icon-small22 Irukandji
The DeepCarpAssassin-icon-small28 Ripper Carpunknown
MantaMonk-icon-small24 Blessed Manta
Monk-icon-small24 Scourge Manta
IrukandjiRitualist-icon-small24 Reborn Irukandji
Ritualist-icon-small28 Darkened Irukandji
Urgoz's WarrenCarpNone1n/a
  1. Thorn Wolves resemble Carp, but are actually Plants.
  2. Hopping Vampires resemble Mantas, but are actually Vampires.
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