The Jade Wind is a terrible wind that swept over the lands of Cantha 200 years prior to the present day in the game. The Jade Wind emanated from the ferocious cry of Shiro Tagachi as he was slain on the floor of Kaoya Zun Temple. The wind swept violently through the land of Cantha, causing large waves in the sea, though this was only momentary.

Moments later, everything on land in the continent of Cantha was petrified, the birds turned to stone and came crashing down and the trees of the Echovald Forest became as rocks. The sea was turned to a solid surface of Jade and ships that were in it were entrenched for good.

The people of Cantha slowly recovered from this terrible wind as the Kurzicks adapted to carving their homes in the Echovald Forest, while the Luxons adapted to sailing and mining the Jade Sea.

Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Nightfall.

The magic that empowered Shiro to let out the jade wind came from Abaddon.

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