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Jennur's Horde
Jennur's Horde.jpg
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Mission location
Part of: Vabbi
Forum Highlands, Vehjin Mines

For information on the mission, see Jennur's Horde (mission).


A rugged mining camp used by workers in the Vehjin Mines, Jennur's Horde is none the less [sic] a booming outpost on payday, where miners flush with their spoils go broke again just as quickly in games of chance and impromptu taverns set up in the shadows of abandoned mining equipment.

The map icon for this location changes from an outpost to a mission location after completion of the primary quest Heart or Mind: Garden in Danger.

Getting there

Follow and complete the primary quest Heart or Mind: Garden in Danger, which is acquired after quest Attack at the Kodash.




  • The correct spelling of "horde" when it pertains to a huge collection of wealth is actually "hoard" [1]. It is not certain if the "horde" in the name was a mistake or not.
  • It is also not certain who the "Jennur" in the name refers to.
  • There is a patrolling NPC in The Mirror of Lyss, named Jennur Kurah Hatohn.