Kaineng City
Kaineng City
Basic Info
Campaign: Factions
Type: Region
Part of: Cantha
Shing Jea Island, Echovald Forest,
Jade Sea
Kaineng City map
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Kaineng City is the capital of the Canthan Empire. It was founded by Kaineng Tah, the first Emperor of Cantha, and later named after him.

Before the Jade Wind, the area now known as Kaineng Center comprised most of Kaineng City.

Immediately following the Jade Wind, refugees from the affected regions caused an explosion of city growth and the subsequent sprawl.

Today the metropolis stretches over a large area on the northwestern coast of Cantha. It is a region and as such it consists of several towns and explorable areas. The majority of Canthan bureaucracy is located here.

Towns and Outposts

Mission locations

Challenge Missions

Explorable areas


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