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The "Kaineng Dragon" is suspected to be one of the Ancient Dragons that will be the main antagonists in Guild Wars 2. Nothing is known about this supposed dragon at this time, since there is no mention or hint of even the existence of this dragon in any of the official material about GW2.

Kaineng Dragon in Guild Wars

The Kaineng Dragon can be found in Kaineng City, behind the resurrection shrine in Bejunkan Pier



  • An identical (albeit smaller) dragon statue can be seen (from a different angle) by the harbor on the southwest side of Shing Jea Island, making it likely both of these lighthouses are, in fact, lighthouses constructed by the Dragon Empire.

There is also a Dragons head imbedded in the planks of Sunjiang District , another possible dragon. However around Sunjiang district there other strange things protruding from the ground, so it may just be a quirk of the area.

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