Kareh Ossa
Kareh Ossa
Species: Ghost
Profession: Elementalist
Level(s): 24


Kareh Ossa is one of the old warlords under the command of Palawa Joko. He has since rebelled and attempted to establish the area under his own rule after the fall of Palawa Joko. He can be found guarded by three Royal Guards.

Quests Involved In


Skills used


  • Kareh's character skin looks like a Monk.
  • Given his last name, it is likely that this is one of Varesh Ossa's ancestors and Turai Ossa's descendants, however, he was around during the fall of Palawa Joko by the hand of Turai, so he is more likely a brother or relative of equal generation, thus not an ancestor of Varesh.
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