Species: Human
Level(s): 20
Katharine location
Location in Gyala Hatchery


Katharine is a skilled Luxon incubator crafter who stands atop the giant wooden construction in the center of the Gyala Hatchery.

Quests Involved In



"Oh, hello. Is there something you need from me. I am a little busy at the moment."

If you have Zho's Journal in your inventory:

"I come from a long line of crafters in the Turtle Clan. We specialize in the carpentry of incubators for the hatchery. I'd be glad to make you a specially fitted incubator for your egg. Just bring me the materials and pay me for the labor. I'll even throw in some inlay work for free."


  • Her appearance was first noted after the GW:EN preview weekend (24th-26th August 2007).
  • For 5 Platinum (5 Platinum), 50 Spiritwood Planks, and 10 Steel Ingots she will craft an Incubator Kit. You do not have to talk to Captain Juno first, but you must have Zho's Journal in your inventory to get the option.
  • You do not have to climb the turtle structure she is on, you can target her from beneath her position. This may save you fighting some foes.
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