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Kenshi Steelhand
Kenshi steelhand.jpg
Species: Jade Brotherhood
Profession: Assassin
Level(s): 24

Kenshi Steelhand map location.jpg


Kenshi Steelhand is a Jade Brotherhood boss found in and around Bukdek Byway.


Kenshi Steelhand appears to be a fixed spawn that can be found by exiting Vizunah Square (Foreign Quarter) via the West Gate and heading onto Bukdek Byway.

Head South and you'll encounter two groups of five Jade Brotherhood. Turn West and move down a ramp where you'll encounter another group of five. After dispatching them turn South down some stairs onto a Balcony where Oroku (Armor Crafter) NPC can be found. Take the ramp to the West and you'll find Kenshi Steelhand amoung a group of four Jade Brotherhood at the bottom. Beware of one or two 5-man patrols that move through his area, if you take him down fast you should only have to deal with one 5-man patrol add. Occasionally a Canthan Chest will spawn in his location, so purchase a Canthan Key from Nanako (Merchant) for 450g in Vizunah Square (Foreign Quarter) if you want to test your luck. The run can easily be done with a group of Henchies and should take no longer than 5 minutes.

Skills Used

Items Dropped

  • Kenshi's Butterfly Daggers


It has been observed that Kenshi occasionally spawns twice in the same location, one to the southeast of Oroku, one to the southwest. His normal spawn point is to the southwest, but if the quest Eliminate the Jade Brotherhood is active, he will spawn as the boss to the southeast at the same time.